Leave It To the Professionals

Your network and the Internet can be a complex subject matter, so why not leave it to the people who know it best? We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, so that you can continue running your own business without interruption. We welcome your questions and are delighted to explain what we are doing in easy to understand terms.

Backups Are No Longer Tedious

s-networksMany people and businesses employ the use of external hard drives to back their data up. While it is a low-cost alternative, it takes up space on your desk, does not eliminate scenarios such as theft and fire, and can be time consuming to make the backups. With Slable, all of your backups go out over the Internet to our servers every few minutes, and are then copied across multiple geographic locations.

Below are just a few of our network service offerings:

  • Installations/Wiring
  • Security/Firewalls
  • Website/Content Filtering
  • Offsite Storage (Backups, Hosting, etc)

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